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At Do IT Wise we know that responding to security incidents and vulnerabilities is an ongoing process and any delay is critical and can bring huge consequences to business and customer’s trust. Secure your Digital Transformation with Intelligent Digital Workflows.

What is SecOps?

Security Operations or SecOps become more and more crucial due to the increased number and sophistication of cyberattacks and the Digital Transformation of businesses. SecOps will help you consolidate security and vulnerability data from your existing tools to benefit from the intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to streamline security response.

With SecOps, you can quickly identify, prioritize, and respond to threats to reduce risk. Use SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) to overcome threats and vulnerabilities.

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What are the benefits from SecOps?


  • • Improve the efficiency of your security teams by automation and orchestration of processes
  • • Enable prioritization and risk scoring based on business impact with threats and vulnerabilities mapping
  • • Gain visibility, live collaboration tools, and service level agreement tracking on a single platform
  • • Automatically correlate threat intelligence from multiple sources or take action in third-party security or IT management tools using the ServiceNow platform
  • • Track your organization security posture and team performance in real-time with reports and real-time dashboards
  • • Make a quick security incident triage and analyse root causes, threats and impact on the business
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What we can do for you?

Security Incident Response

SIR simplifies identification of critical incidents, security triage and speeds up remediation with digital workflows and automation tools for better and quicker response. With Security Incident Response, you get a centralized view of your security data, analysis and knowledge base with additional information and recommendations.

Threat Intelligence

Prevent or mitigate cyber-attacks by providing context and threat analysis about an existing or emerging menace or hazard to assets. Then, make informed decisions about your cyber security based on data.

Vulnerability Management & Response

Gain complete visibility of vulnerabilities that might affect your services. Align your IT and security teams, prioritize the most crucial asset by the business impact, and reduce risk exposure by automatically initiating an emergency response workflow for detected vulnerabilities.

Performance Analytics & Configuration Compliance

Bring clarity to your cyber security with easy-to-use, integrated application and predefined, best practice KPIs and out-of-the-box dashboards for monitoring security operations processes. Identify and remediate misconfigured software.

Event Management & Integration Bundles

Automatically create prioritized security incidents by identifying and processing events. Accelerate the response by integrating your security tools with a flexible workflow platform. Use Predictive Intelligence and Machine Learning to help the system recognize threats and improve automated triage.

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The mixture of specialists with Transformational Consulting experience and deep technical knowledge leads us to wiser solutions implemented faster to serve you in the future without unnecessary complications.


Our proven methodologies and implementation experience enable Do IT Wise to create sustainable and future proof solutions that are cost-efficient and generate value in the long term.


With our flexible engagement models, we can easily adapt the way we work together and choose the right approach to help you reach the expected outcome.


Choosing the right partner is choosing your future. Our 4,55/5 CSAT score is solid proof we stand by our words and deliver high-quality solutions every time.

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