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Proactively predict issues
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Operations Management

Do IT Wise will help you manage your preferred monitoring tools, cloud platforms, serverless infrastructure, and asset management software to gain full visibility of your IT infrastructure. ITOM helps you to proactively pinpoint disruptions and crisis root causes using AIOps and machine learning.

What is ITOM?

IT Operations Management is converging to share data, integrate processes, find efficiencies, and provide a 360° view of your IT. By implementing the ITOM solution, you can gain end-to-end visibility into Business Services and underlying infrastructure, improve the health of the services and introduce automation to increase the pace of your service delivery while optimizing service delivery spend.

Being a ServiceNow Elite partner with a specialization in ITOM, Do IT Wise has certified ITOM experts who can guide you right from consultation, infrastructure assessment, modules implementation, tools integration to monitoring and administration.

Need consultation?

Dimitar Tsvetkov

Regional Director, ServiceNow Global Practice

What are the benefits from ITOM?

  • • Identify anomalies, collect and analyze telemetry data before a crisis occurs
  • • Create guided recommendations based on previous incidents
  • • Implement automated solutions for repetitive tasks
  • • Increase the speed and frequency of deployment with automated changes
  • • Gain visibility in your IT infrastructure
  • • Minimize the impact of an issue for the end-users by solving it faster


What we can do for you?

ITOM Visibility

Break down silos with end-to-end visibility of your IT infrastructure and services, automatically map it and create ServiceNow CMDB record. Designed to keep pace with rapidly changing cloud infrastructure while supporting legacy on-premises infrastructure.

ITOM Optimization

Solve the multi-cloud challenge by creating a unified management framework across both multi-cloud and non-cloud environments and implementing it without compromising the cloud’s agility. Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with vendors.

ITOM Predictive AIOps

Prevent critical service outages using AIOps, detect anomalies in real-time and gain insights into the root cause of issues. Empower your IT teams and allow them to focus on the key issues. Boost productivity with a single system of insights and action.

Why Do IT Wise?

Fast, but not hurried

The mixture of specialists with Transformational Consulting experience and deep technical knowledge leads us to wiser solutions implemented faster to serve you in the future without unnecessary complications.


Our proven methodologies and implementation experience enable Do IT Wise to create sustainable and future proof solutions that are cost-efficient and generate value in the long term.


With our flexible engagement models, we can easily adapt the way we work together and choose the right approach to help you reach the expected outcome.


Choosing the right partner is choosing your future. Our 4,55/5 CSAT score is solid proof we stand by our words and deliver high-quality solutions every time.

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