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Do IT Wise can help you devise productive DevOps strategies that can refine the way your application development operations are carried out. Unify the vision of your teams and connect your development tools with the ServiceNow platform whilst adhering to the industry best practices.

What is DevOps?

Bring your development and IT operations teams together to develop and deploy at speed with minimized risk. Scale DevOps value by connecting the existing toolchain and automating routine processes.

In-depth analysis of the existing environment, systematic planning, and guidance from experts are the core elements of a successful DevOps implementation.

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Marin Marinov

Chief Sales and Services Officer

What are the Benefits from DevOps?


  • • Automate administrative tasks to allow your developers to focus on the most valuable tasks for the organization
  • • Gain important insights to meet your business, technology or regulatory needs
  • • Connect the tools you already use and love on a single platform for end-to-end visibility across teams
  • • Create small steps planning and speed up the deployment without compromizing quality and eliminate delays in the release process
  • • Provide real-time visibility, analysis and insights to change managers to moderate the processes safely and effectively while controlling the integrity of the business
  • • Minimize risks by connecting all information in one place and maintaining an audit trail for all changes made


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What we can do for you?

DevOps Change Acceleration

Boost developers productivity while preventing failures by connecting development tools to change management for automatic ticketing and approval. Connect consistent cross-toolchain data in the DevOps data model to gain insights and make easy end-to-end reporting.

DevOps Insights

Simplify auditing by tracking critical KPIs like change failure rate and average lead time across your existing DevOps tools. Gain visibility of the work of your teams and provide performance context. Collect data automatically and get consistent reports.

Value Stream Management

Shift from traditional bottom-up to business value-oriented approaches. Optimize the performance of your teams while controlling risks and improving efficiency. Deep analytics will enable you to make the right choices for the priorities and development of the business.


Sweagle Configuration Data Management

Allow your teams to track configuration changes and proactively pinpoint & prevent potential configuration-related issues prior to deployment with Sweagle’s technology. Our experienced experts will guide your way through this innovative approach.

Why Do IT Wise?

Fast, but not hurried

The mixture of specialists with Transformational Consulting experience and deep technical knowledge leads us to wiser solutions implemented faster to serve you in the future without unnecessary complications.


Our proven methodologies and implementation experience enable Do IT Wise to create sustainable and future proof solutions that are cost-efficient and generate value in the long term.


With our flexible engagement models, we can easily adapt the way we work together and choose the right approach to help you reach the expected outcome.


Choosing the right partner is choosing your future. Our 4,55/5 CSAT score is solid proof we stand by our words and deliver high-quality solutions every time.

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