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With our comprehensive understanding of the IT industry’s purpose in today’s world, combined with deep expertise in various sectors, we help you translate your business goals into IT solutions and develop growth opportunities for your company. Our consultants’ goal is to evaluate the current state of the business, understand critical issues, provide an unbiased view of the potential alternatives and make sure that you are enabled to make informed decisions.

Our approach is based on proven methodologies in Transformational Consulting, such as platform best practices, ITIL and IT4IT, among others, to assure a holistic assessment and optimal plan leading to impactful results from your technology investments. Furthermore, our consultants will help you manage change and translate your strategic direction and corresponding technical solutions by providing process and solution training when necessary.

Our Strategic Advisory and Consulting Services include:

• Understanding your current strategic objectives and business challenges.

• Evaluating your business processes to identify risks & opportunities.

• Improving IT-to-business alignment.

• Enhancing process and organizational design.

• Translating business goals to technical requirements.

• Interacting with stakeholders from executive management to operations.

Maximize the value of your investment leveraging the full potential of:

Strategic Advisory & Consulting for ITSM

No matter if you are a long-standing ServiceNow ITSM customer or you are just about to embark on your IT service management journey on the platform, we are here to help you maximize the value of your investment. We will help you assess and design your service management processes, so they accommodate your organization needs while leveraging ServiceNow capabilities in a future–proof way.


Strategic Advisory & Consulting for ITOM

Every transformation goes at an individual pace and is in a different level of platform maturity. Our experienced and certified ITOM consultants will help you analyze your current condition or desired state of future platform implementation and decide on the best approach for predicting issues, automating resolutions and connecting your data. Relying on a robust data model is key to taking advantage of platform capabilities and a prerequisite to delivering business value.


Strategic Advisory & Consulting for ITBM

Having a comprehensive understanding of how the technology environment relates to your business goals, strategies, and needs is key to your success. Our team will review your strategic goals, link them to IT propositions, and assess your current mode alignment. Then, together we define the envisioned end state and agree on the steps to take before translating them to IT definitions, such as redefining portfolios, enhancing financial management processes, enabling business management best practices.


Strategic Advisory & Consulting for CSM

Customer Service should be at the heart of every company, regardless of being B2C or B2B. Our experts will help you define what data you need to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue while reducing case volume according to your business objectives. With our guidance, we will determine how to quickly integrate and automate the exchange between the front office and back offices to gain value for you and your customers.

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