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The consulting nature of our company leads us to go beyond the service you may ask for and seek the reason behind the specific request to evaluate if there is a better approach to your business case. Our analysis-first policy distinguishes us as a partner, aiming to shape the optimal design based on best practices and our proven platform experience before turning to the actual implementation. With us, you will leverage the existing out-of-the-box capabilities of the ServiceNow platform to the maximum, decreasing the need for custom applications and lowering the maintenance cost in the long run.

For the last 10+ years, we have specialized in delivering Implementation Services effectively using the ServiceNow in ITSM, ITOM, HR, DevOps, SecOps modules and more and helping our customers build custom applications by applying the same successful principles when necessary. Our excellent level of technical skills, up-to-date platform knowledge and a good understanding of the production processes ensure every unit of implementation work delivers a substantial return on investment.

Do IT Wise Implementation Services include:

• Starting with Strategic Advisory to identify the use cases, requirements, and objectives to clarify which areas you can leverage the existing ServiceNow platform capabilities and where implementation is needed.
• Technical Consulting to assess your current platform and software usage and recommend improvements in configurations or customization before suggesting any additional licensing investments.
• Analysis based on our experience and knowledge to avoid customizations where possible to improve the long-term maintenance of your ServiceNow platform.
• Building custom applications and customizing available functionalities to fit your specific business needs only when necessary.
• Extensive testing and quality assurance to confirm implementations are built as per design.
• Using the SAFe approach to allow ongoing customer visibility into the design and implementation, ensuring that the implementation is continually aligned with your vision and objectives.


Speed up your ServiceNow deployment with our expertize in:

Implementing ITSM goes beyond enabling the ServiceNow IT Service Management module. We employ Do IT Wise delivery methodology combining ServiceNow Now Create and industry best practices such as ITSM, IT4IT and SIAM to ensure an efficient and future-proof implementation. Leveraging ServiceNow capabilities while addressing your organization-specific needs results in an implementation that is well maintainable, easy to extend and ultimately delivers great value for investments made over time.

Do IT Wise ITSM Implementation Services include:
  • Leveraging our Strategic Advisory & Consulting services to understand your current mode of operations and help you design your future mode of operations, so you have a clear roadmap and understand the key milestones on your journey.

  • Define the implementation strategy in terms of the complexity of your organization, ranging from small enterprises to global companies operating using multi-suppliers in SIAM and domain separated scenarios.

  • Design, review, and refresh your ITSM processes, such as Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Knowledge Management, Service Level Management, etc.

  • Service Request and Catalog Management implementation aligned with Service Portal experience maximizing user satisfaction.

  • Software and Asset Hardware Management implementation, putting under control the cost of managing assets across the enterprise.

  • Leveraging ITOM Implementation Services to establish strong CMDB foundation based on Discovery, Service Mapping and Integrations aligned to Common Service Data Model (CSDM).

Implementing ITOM goes beyond enabling the ServiceNow IT Operations Management module. We employ our vast understanding of IT infrastructures & architectures and deep understanding of the ServiceNow platform to help you deploy ServiceNow ITOM Visibility, Health and Optimization solutions with the less possible effort needed to change and maintain your IT configurations.

Do IT Wise ITOM Implementation Services include:
  • Leveraging our Strategic Advisory & Consulting services to understand your current mode of operations and help you design your future mode of operations, so you have a clear roadmap and understand the key milestones on your journey.

  • Define the implementation strategy in terms of the complexity of your IT landscape, ranging from operating single data centers to global hybrid infrastructures integrating public and private clouds.

  • Implementing Discovery to ensure well maintained CMDB with a high level of data quality while minimizing efforts needed on your side to support it.

  • Leverage Discovery to automate Service Mapping, providing visibility of service dependencies underpinning dependent ITSM processes.

  • Develop custom or adjust existing Discovery and Service Mapping patterns to include technologies or specific configuration scenarios you use but might not be yet supported by ServiceNow.

  • Ensure your Configuration Management Discovery and Service Mapping implementation is leveraging Common Service Data Model to allow standardization and minimize upgrade efforts.

  • Implement consolidated Event Management, leveraging our Integration Services to bring monitoring data from a vast variety of network, infrastructure, application, and service monitoring tools, including such not supported out-of-the-box by the ServiceNow platform.

  • Extend Event Management with Service Mapping to provide service awareness to your monitoring teams.

  • Assess, design and implement your Cloud Provisioning and Governance solution by integrating ServiceNow with your cloud management platforms, providing a streamlined, user-friendly experience to your employees.

Both ServiceNow ITBM best practices and leading Project Management methodologies are utilized by our specialists when defining the best solution for you.

Do IT Wise ITBM Implementation Services include:
  • Portfolio Management for better alignment of your company strategy to IT.

  • Reducing expenses for initiating and running projects and programs, enabling visibility and control on project management, resource management, agile development, and others.

  • Enabling the Ideation and Demand Management applications to gain value from harvesting internal ideas to carrying them out successfully – all in one platform.

  • Assessment of your current tools and processes, recommendations for the best approach to enhance and consolidate them and implementation of the desired end state of the ITBM product.

We help you define how best to integrate the front office to the back offices to gain value from your Customer Service Management implementation.

Do IT Wise CSM Implementation Services include:
  • Designing case types and entitlements to limit or expand the visibility of the cases across departments and vendors.

  • Implementation of the most appropriate Omni-channels to allow your customers to communicate with you more conveniently.

  • Cross-module CSM integrations with other ServiceNow applications, such as Incident Management, Change Management, Asset Management, PPM, and others for maximum benefits.

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