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The Event Management module of ServiceNow is developing quickly every day and one of the main reasons for this fact stands behind the word “integration”.  The connectors interface adds even more value and extends the variety of tools which you can use together with your ServiceNow platform.

And, of course, Do IT Wise has its contribution to enriching the ServiceNow integrations list!

We are very happy to present you our ServiceNow connector for NewRelic which is our first certified Event Management connector in the ServiceNow store!

Why NewRelic?

NewRelic is one of the most popular SaaS APM tools in the world. A lot of big companies are using it along with ServiceNow, but depend on manual processes of triggering alerts or incidents due to lack of alternatives.

Now, thanks to the Do IT Wise ServiceNow connector for NewRelic, all these processes can be automated and improved!

What might cut back the costs better than decrease of the noise, reduction of the time for resolution and a more proactive approach?!

Turn alerts into events

The Do IT Wise ServiceNow connector for NewRelic collects all alerts generated by NewRelic and turns them into events which are delivered to the ServiceNow Event Management. Afterwards, a set of predefined event rules is responsible for the transformation of these events into alerts and for updating them once there is a change.

Then the alerts can trigger incidents or tasks using another set of rules coming with the connector.

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