ServiceNow to Microsoft Teams for only $20 per month - Do It Wise

The growth and the ambitious roadmap of Microsoft Teams are turning it into one of the most popular teamwork platforms in the enterprise. Currently, more than 200 000 organizations worldwide are using it as their collaboration tool.

Our practice at Do IT Wise is to follow the latest trends and always aim to deliver additional value to the best products in areas like ITSM, ITOM, DevOps, APM and more…

As a result, we introduce our latest app – the Microsoft Teams connector for ServiceNow! Easily notify the right people with the right information.

And only for … $20 per month!


The app is fully certified and available for a trial or purchase in the ServiceNow store (link).

Once it is installed on the ServiceNow platform, its purpose is to synchronize the updates of specific incidents to selected channels.

The configurable trigger conditions, filters and incident fields make the app suitable for any environment!

After the initial setup you will start seeing newly created or updated incidents in your Microsoft Teams channels.


After the app is installed on your ServiceNow instance, you need to navigate to the configuration UI and define the Microsoft Teams channel URL, trigger conditions and which attributes to be published. And there are no extra steps to be taken, the connector starts working right away!

Note: You can configure unlimited channels with different settings per channel.


With the configuration details in place, every new incident which matches the trigger conditions will be published in your Microsoft Teams channel.

New ServiceNow incident:

Microsoft Teams message:


If you need to synchronize more than your incidents – for example, your changes or any other record type, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our product can be additionally customized to support any ServiceNow configuration.


For more information, please contact us at