The (not so) long way from a Dynatrace alert to a ServiceNow incident - Do It Wise

ServiceNow Event Management allows administrators to combine multiple monitoring tools into a single console/dashboard. Those operating within the ServiceNow system can manage the incoming events from sources, such as Dynatrace AppMon, NewRelic, Microsoft SCOM and others, by defining different sets of rules – event rules, alert rules, correlation rules.

The end results are reduced number and shorter duration of outages, easy root-cause detection and many, many more!

In order to add more value to the ServiceNow platform, Do IT Wise has developed another awesome connector for Dynatrace AppMon.

What added value will Dynatrace AppMon data bring to ServiceNow?

Dynatrace AppMon is a great APM tool that provides deep application monitoring and performance lifecycle management. Its capability to detect and analyze every single user transaction is one of the main reasons why the tool is so widely used.

Taking into account the benefits of connecting different sources of incoming events to ServiceNow, we can easily understand why it is important to also bring the Dynatrace AppMon data into the ServiceNow – to improve the business services!

But how is this going to happen in practice? The short answer is – very simply. Here is the full explanation.

Let’s say you have multiple tools and multiple teams responsible for your operations – MS SCOM for infrastructure, Dynatrace AppMon for APM, ServiceNow for Service management, etc.

In many cases, using so many products causes confusion, delays in reactions and bad MTTR.

On the other hand, having everything correlated, showing the actual impact on a service and assigning the right people to work on the problems will help in the resolution of all the challenges that could possibly occur over the course of operations.

The Flow

The Do IT Wise ServiceNow Connector for Dynatrace AppMon is responsible for collecting all the incidents triggered by the Dynatrace AppMon incident rules. Once these events are delivered to the ServiceNow Event management, the Event rules executed by the connector transform them into alerts.

When the alerts are present, they can be correlated with alerts from other data sources. Only the root cause alerts can trigger incidents.

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