Do IT Wise Notification App for ServiceNow - The Future of Notifications!

Emails are probably the most common method for automated notifications by the ITSM tools. But in most of the cases this means tons of emails in your inbox which at some point you start missing – accidentally or intentionally…

The impact can be crucial – from breaching the SLA to having the time for resolution greatly reduced, in the best-case scenario.

A lot of companies suffer from such behavior which leads to the need of a change… a major change.

And here comes the latest innovation from Do IT Wise!

The Desktop Notification App

After we spent a significant amount of time in research, we came to the conclusion that there are more effective ways to notify somebody, than via email. So, we developed our Desktop notification app for ServiceNow – a small system tray gadget that notifies the users every time they get involved in an incident or a task.

The Features

With the Desktop notification app, you not only get notifications, but you can also:

  • Quickly preview the incident in the app UI
  • Navigate directly to the incident or task in the ServiceNow UI, just by a single click of a button
  • See history of all the notifications

Since it is a standalone app, there is no need to keep any browser open all the time.

To see the product in action, please click watch the video below.

For more information, pricing and live demo, please contact us at