Do IT Wise Integration Hub for JIRA - Do It Wise

With the time, the Do IT Wise Integration Hub matures as a platform and also extends its integration capabilities! After covering the integrations between most popular ITOM, ITSM and APM tools, we decided to develop something for Issue and Project tracking. This is why we created the Do IT Wise Integration Hub for JIRA!


The Do IT Wise Integration Hub for JIRA provides not just an integration to HPE Ops Bridge, but also to ServiceNow! What does this mean? You can have:

  • HPE Ops Bridge events creating tasks in JIRA
  • JIRA tasks creating incidents, events, SCRUM tasks or stories in ServiceNow
  • All of this combined

HPE Ops Bridge to JIRA

Following the best practices of the Closed Loop Incident Process (CLIP), we designed our integration between HPE Ops Bridge and JIRA to be bi-directional, keeping both systems in synchronization.

Based on the experience we gained during the development of our other ITSM integrations, we implemented the following features:

  • Manual and automated task creation
  • Configurable event attributes to task fields mapping
  • Direct link to JIRA task in the HPE OMi event
  • HPE OMi Annotations to JIRA comments and vice-versa


HPE OMi event which has created a JIRA task


JIRA task created by the integration

JIRA to ServiceNow

Issues triggering events, incidents or SCRUM tasks in ServiceNow is not an abstract thing anymore thanks to our integration! But it is not only that … You also receive:

  • Bi-directional synchronization
  • Conditional field mapping
  • Data transformations
  • Option to pick the target table in ServiceNow – event, incident, SCRUM or whatever you need
  • Direct links in both systems for simplified navigation


JIRA Task which created an incident in ServiceNow

Incident in ServiceNow created by a JIRA task

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