Case Studies Do IT Wise Helps Greentube Transform IT & Customer Service Management

Do IT Wise Helps Greentube Transform IT & Customer Service Management

Greentube is a leading full-service provider in the online and mobile gaming sector, entertaining players through the supply of classic and tailored content, real money, and social operations. Greentube prides itself on the delivery of safe and secure casino entertainment to players around the world. As the NOVOMATIC Interactive division, Greentube provides innovative solutions that shape the future of this ever-changing sector. Their vast and continuously growing portfolio of impressive products and services includes classic slots, video bingo games, video poker games, table games, server-based gaming, social casino gaming, and much more.


Greentube wanted to build a solution to provide a single pane of glass to manage its business and IT services end–to–end, enabling efficiency, transparency, but most importantly great quality of service and customer satisfaction for both of their Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) divisions.

The following challenges were addressed:

  • The B2B Division was using mainly phone/email channels to handle requests from Greentube business partners and customers.

  • There was no unified system containing all the customers, contracts, and services provided to them in an actionable manner.

  • Service management processes were supported by several tools for case and incident handling, which were not fully integrated.

  • B2B and IT service processes were loosely coupled, which sometimes made the resolution of business cases complex and time-consuming.

  • There was insufficient transparency or an insufficiently common view of the services provided and how they depend on the underlying IT infrastructure.

  • There was a need to agree on and automate transparent, smooth, scalable and integrated Customer Service Management, and IT Service Management processes.

  • There was insufficient alignment and interconnection between IT Development and Operations processes and management systems, to allow the DevOps approach to support faster and more reliable service development and transition.

All these challenges were affecting the speed of service delivery and service support, significantly increasing the effort required to operate the IT services and the time to address business and consumer customer needs.


Do IT Wise proposed a phased approach of implementing an Enterprise Service Management Solution using ServiceNow’s leading enterprise workflow platform. This solution is based on the following ServiceNow modules and components:

  • ServiceNow ® Customer Service Management

  • ServiceNow ® IT Service Management

  • ServiceNow ® IT Operations Management

  • ServiceNow ® Common Service Data Model (CSDM)

The Solution provides unified processes for handling both external and internal customer services. It enables a common view of the services both on the Business and IT side, underpinned by automated discovery of the IT infrastructure and a Common Service Data Model (CSDM) embedded in ServiceNow and adopted by Greentube. The approach used also offers a basis for further extension by integrating service, application, and infrastructure monitoring in a service context and integrating Event Management with the rest of IT Service Management processes.

Why ServiceNow?

Greentube selected ServiceNow as they recognized the potential to act as a platform of platforms, unifying workflow needs across different divisions and use-cases beyond IT, thus creating unified experience across the enterprise. Additionally, ServiceNow proved to be very powerful in discovering and mapping a distributed IT infrastructure and application landscape. Prior to the introduction of ServiceNow, this was one of the main issues which hindered fast service delivery and operations. Furthermore, ServiceNow provides future-proof capabilities to further enhance customer experience, such as Virtual Agent, Mobile Interface, Machine Learning and Analytics.

Why Do IT Wise?

Greentube reached out to Do IT Wise for assistance based on Do IT Wise’s demonstrated expertise in transformational consulting and their proven track record of successful implementation of the ServiceNow platform in the areas of IT Service Management, IT Operations Management and Customer Service Management.

Greentube needed to carefully consider ServiceNow’s ability to address its specific needs, as their services were running on a heterogeneous, distributed hybrid-cloud IT infrastructure and had previous negative experiences in the implementation of competitive solutions. Furthermore, different divisions had varying priorities and views on immediate needs and future plans.

Do IT Wise engaged in a comprehensive due diligence process jointly with ServiceNow Solution Consulting, Greentube Program and Service Management teams. Using a highly collaborative approach, Do IT Wise helped identify priorities, running an assessment which developed a future-proof roadmap to deliver continuous value and address the needs across the enterprise. Additionally, Do IT Wise teams delivered a successful proof of value engagement to address specific technology considerations and confirm ServiceNow platform capabilities and extensibility.

Thanks for consulting and supporting us in the most professional way. We have huge plans for our continued cooperation.

Pradeep Kumar Head of IT, Greentube

Results & Benefits

  • Integrated platform serving both external and internal users and stakeholders, and covering B2B and B2C scenarios, which enables faster service delivery, higher service quality and operational efficiency

  • Customer Service Management portal for end customers, supporting unified way of communication and transparency of service delivery state and greatly improving customer experience

  • Unified CSDM data model underpinning all of the service delivery processes, providing a common understanding of services managed and services consumed

  • Well-maintained Configuration Management Database, providing a foundation to understand the impact of IT Services supporting Business Services and empowering all service management practices across the company

  • Enhanced Incident and Major Incident Management processes, enabling faster time to restore service, improving alignment between IT and Business support and overall enhancing customer service experience

  • Enhanced Change Management processes, minimizing the risk of unrealistic service transition expectations from the business and development teams

  • Common approach of structuring both Business and IT service catalogues, allowing review and optimization of current offerings, contracts and customers and streamlining Customer and IT support practices

Next steps

After the successful implementation of the first phase, Greentube decided to roll out the proven approach with Do IT Wise. As part of the future plans, both companies will continue to partner on continuous improvement of service management practices, focusing initially on Event Management and Problem Management processes and extending the improvements further to ITSM and CSM practices.

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