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Our top 5 new favorites in the ServiceNow Rome Release

The “platform of platforms” ServiceNow is constantly evolving, and the new Rome Release is coming in the middle of September. So, we asked some of our most experienced experts in their fields at Do IT Wise to share their top 5 new favorites that will make your work life easier. Our ITOM Consulting Manager Ivaylo Chenchev and Milena Monova, Senior ITSM Technical Consultant, highlighted the most interesting new features below: 

  1. ITOM 

The end-to-end visibility in your IT infrastructure is essential for the success of your business. In Rome Release, you can find a new set of features that will help you improve processes and prevent crises. 

To provide a unified and connected view of your entire IT network and the services that it supports, consider the updates in ITOM Visibility. The Agent Client Collector will give you a unified single-agent solution that augments IT operations. 

Event Management and Health Log Analytics in ITOM Health both give the possibility to track and maintain the health of the services, and to detect any issues before they occur. The new update in Rome Release is the EIF Connector. Forward events from Event Integration (EIF) format supported products to a MID server, collect events from Grafana console into Event Management. 

Prevent service outages and shorten the response time for IT issues with ITOM Optimization. The top new feature we have selected within this solution is ITOM Licensing, which provides the enhanced capability of viewing which specific CI you have a license for. 

  1. ITSM 

Boosting employee’s efficiency and speed are always some of the most wanted and challenging tasks for an organization. Here are some of the ITSM new updates that will help you to achieve that. 

The Workforce Optimization enhancements will help you optimize demand forecasting by modeling scenarios for greater accuracy and managing all on-call schedules in one place in the WFO calendar. These enhancements will enable service desk managers to forecast demand more accurately and improve team performance with more coaching and learning options. Includes integrations with third-party learning management systems, such as Udemy, Pluralsight, and Cornerstone. 

ServiceNow’s Digital Portfolio Management allows organizations to optimize business performance, boost customer satisfaction and manage costs effectively by collectively managing services, applications, and products through a unified workspace. 

By utilizing the enhancements of the Vendor Manager Workspace, the responsible managers can quickly identify underperforming sellers and tally refunds due to failures in performance by the vendors. 

  1. ITBM

Aligning your strategy and teams will close the gap between your business goals and the outcome value. When everyone keeps track of the tasks and understands the importance of each one of them, they can make better and data-based decisions. 

In the Rome Release, the Alignment Planner Workspace enhancements will help you create hybrid project management workflows with Flexible Planning hierarchies and hybrid roadmaps to mix traditional and agile ways of work. 

Another great feature is the Non-Monetary Benefits tracking that will enable your project managers to understand the entire scope of the benefits and their potential and drive continual improvements to the project. 

  1. CSM

Communication is the key to having a good relationship with your customers and keeping your business reputation strong. And sometimes, it can be a challenging task for the agents to handle some cases. 

To avoid repetitive manual tasks, in Rome Release, you can benefit from the Conversation Autopilot function, enabling the agent to monitor and switch the control from and to AI at any time. That will allow the agent to take care of more complex issues. 

Sometimes conversations can get heated, but it is crucial always to keep a good tone and manners with the client. To ensure the conversation’s right direction, you can use the Chat Profanity Filter to sort out and block any offensive messages sent by the agent. 

To maintain a good user experience, with Messaging Enhancements, you can engage the customers in their preferred channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or LINE. 

  1. DevOps 

ServiceNow DevOps product has updates released every month, being now batched in the Rome Release. Pulling data and information from a variety of tools, enables you to create policies, help automate various processes, as well overview the work of the teams and applications, so they are all embarking on the DevOps transformation. 

The Change API enhancement allows customers to pass information that is known during the running of their CI/CD Pipeline into the Change Request. 

The new UX in the Pipeline UI supports Software Quality Testing. Change authorizers have a single user experience to view all information about the pipeline where the change is being raised. In the new update, you can see not only test results but now you can also specify and see quality results. 

If you have any questions or would like to talk about the ServiceNow Rome Release, or even something more – you want to understand how your business can benefit from it, please, get in touch with us.

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