Modern organizations need a better way of managing IT services by adopting intelligent working practices

Modern organizations need a better way of managing IT services by adopting intelligent working practices

SOFIA, BULGARIA – 23 September 2019

Every business nowadays, irrespective of their industry, depends on IT that supports their processes. When talking about improvement and gaining strategic advantage over the competitors, businesses realize the need for digital transformation to continue developing in a constantly changing environment, reach their goals in the best possible way and get closer to their customers.

Many companies find it intimidating to start with the digital transformation process, especially the large-scale enterprises, which might confront a challenging process when implementing changes in many areas of their business.

The most important step is the first step. The process follows an agile, staged approach, by first making assessments of what areas a company needs to change to best enhance their future development, following the internal needs and capacity of the business. Quick integrations with existing systems management tools are also a way of adopting digital transformation.

To successfully drive their IT service delivery and support improvement strategies, companies need to get their service and operations management working better together, and the best way to do that is by having a single view of their business, thus providing faster resolutions and improvement of the experience of employees and customers alike.


IT Operations Management (ITOM) helps move business forward through a single system of record by breaking down the organizational silos and providing a 360° view of IT. By implementing the ITOM solution across different domains, companies can focus on better business outcomes. They can gain end-to-end visibility of their operations and service performance, improve the health of their services and introduce automation to increase the pace of their service delivery while optimizing the costs.

The Service Now ITOM platform groups key applications into packages that can scale with the changing needs of a company as it grows:

  • CMDB – As CMDB is not a part of the ITOM tool, but rather a backbone of the whole Service Now Platform. It brings visibility and awareness over the whole enterprise in a single place.
  • Discovery – Accelerates time-to-value by getting a holistic view of the operations footprint across on-premises data centers and cloud. In addition, enriches the CMDB with informational baseline data following the Service Now model and bring additional visibility and relationships between the elements.
  • Service Mapping – Maps the relationships between IT components and business services in dynamic environments. It adds one more layer over the Infrastructure and Application discovery – the Service discovery that brings additional information and support over the logical.
  • Event Management – Brings real-time operational awareness, reduces event floods from monitoring tools and gains insight into business service health. Encapsulates all the event management tools in a single place. Using the well build and structured CMDB it creates a vivid picture of not only the status, but the impact of the environment.
  • Operational Intelligence – Proactively identifies anomalies in IT infrastructure before they cause service outages. Adds additional layer of information over the event management analyzing the raw data.
  • Cloud Management – Minimizes business risk and manages costs with self-service delivery of cloud services. Additionally, brings a level of automation and a single management console over the Service Now Platform.
  • Orchestration – Automates IT processes, agile in response to common IT tasks and IT events, eliminates manual tasks and remediates service issues while reducing operational costs. Perfect for Ci Lifecycle management, remediation and any process operations that can be automated.

For a company, the benefits of the implementation of ITOM are numerous:

  1. A single platform that provides a bird eye view of all the systems and their interdependencies in real-time.
  2. Perform with speed and agility
  3. Decrease, and sometimes prevent, the adverse impact of IT issues on the business
  4. Let IT teams work optimally, including in reducing operational costs and identifying improvements
  5. Deliver a better end-user experience

ITOM plays a crucial role for the success of business and it has become a strategic part for companies depending on IT, that aim to deliver best services to their customers, partners and employees.

At Do IT Wise, we have extensive knowledge over ITOM and the Service Now platform. We provide consultancy, implementation and support globally. Our certified professionals will guide you through all phases of design, testing and implementation and will help you go smoothly through every step of your digital transformation journey. As a Service Now service partner and technical partner Do IT Wise is the only company that develops core content for Service Now platform over the Service Now R&D.

Get in touch with us to discover more and to discuss your requirements.

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