Meet the Wise Team – Veselin Georgiev

Veselin Georgiev, a.k.a Veso, is one of our Lead Solution Consultants. We can easily say he is “the soul” of the office – great professional, team player, outspoken, funny, and always with a big smile on his face. 

His main motivation comes from constantly challenging himself, meeting new people, and exploring the world.  

I am…

I am half Russian, half Bulgarian and I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and came to Bulgaria when I was 4. I studied Computer science and Technologies at the Technical University in Sofia and my path in IT started as a System administrator in the Banking industry. My continuous strive for more led me to become an IT consultant in one of the leading companies (HP/Micro Focus) and later on a Lead Solution Consultant in Do IT Wise for the past three years. My job is perfectly combining my two favorite things in the world – travelling and overcoming challenges. 

My role in Do IT Wise

When you start working in a relatively small and rapidly expanding company like Do IT Wise you really have the opportunity to get involved in every process in the development of the company and constantly improve your skills and grow. My position is actually very diverse and exciting. As a Lead Solution Consultant or Pre-Sales, my main task is to support sales processes when defining the parameters of a deal. From a technical perspective, I help the clients to analyze and choose the right solution for their specific case and later on I overview and support the execution internally when we start to work on the project. Sometimes I have to make presentations, go on business trips and so much more and that gives me satisfaction every day. 

My biggest lesson

I have learned to ask for assistance when I need it. I had a period of time when I was about to burn out because I had taken on three big projects, that I just didn’t have enough time to execute in the way I wanted. And here comes the trust in your colleagues. Despite the fact I always want to overcome a new challenge, sometimes you just have to rely on the other team members to support you. At that moment I had the management beside me and we found a solution by dedicating more people to the projects and we made them in the best way possible. 

Representing Do IT Wise at ServiceNow The future of work tour 2019

My favorite moment in Do IT Wise

It’s not just one big thing, but rather countless small moments that I love here. I enjoy spending time with the team – shooting on the Airsoft field, eating burgers on the office terrace and many more.

But if I have to highlight something, I remember one time we were in Austria and we just signed a contract with a major client, we were sitting in the hotel bar and just enjoying the moment of victory after all of the hard work and hours in planning. Pure satisfaction when you get your job done right.

My most significant achievement

Our work is a team effort, we do everything together – win, lose, learn together. So as an achievement I count the times I have helped my colleagues improve their performance, gain new skills or knowledge.

My hobbies

I am definitely the adventure type and I always put myself out of my comfort zone trying things for the first time. Saying a simple yes can bring you some of the best connections and memories. I have randomly met my best friend by doing just that.

I find great joy in travelling, but not just for sightseeing. For me, it is more about the people, the culture and what you can learn from your experiences with the locals in a foreign country. I want to dive into their specifics and have a glance at their life. It doesn’t really matter where you go, whether it is luxurious or primitive, you can always acquire new knowledge and have new meaningful experiences. Can’t wait to visit Argentina and dance tango, or Australia to swim with the sharks, I want to try it all!

As it is said – I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. Now my goal is to visit every continent in my lifetime and so far, I have been to three already.

Traveling in Petra, Jordan.

Favorite book or movie

I don’t have single favorites or idols in general, but I love Sci-Fi books and movies. I can recommend the Foundation by Isaac Asimov. It is fascinating how something written so long ago with the vision of the future world is actually so close to some of the events happening today.

If you were a superhero, what power do you want to have?

Just luck. To be at the right place, at the right time.

Being at the right place, at the right time.

A word to the wise

Work hard, play hard. That is my mantra in life. I am a strong believer that if you can imagine something in your mind, dedicate yourself to what feels right, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you. So, dream big and never settle for less!

Expect more of our colorful team members, their professional path and personal stories with “Meet the Wise Team”.

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