Meet the Wise Team - Gergana Trifonova

Meet the Wise Team – Gergana Trifonova

Meet Gergana Trifonova, or just Gery, one of our most experienced Project Managers. She often says that her colleagues are also her family and are always taking care of each other. 

She can take you to the mountain peaks, run a 20km marathon with ease and then watch the Formula 1 championship. Wild spirit, calm sentiment, and great communicator. 

1. I am…

I am Gergana Trifonova or Gerko, Jerry by mistake or even some call me Dragana in Serbia. Proud mother and nature lover. I have 13 years of experience as a Project Manager and I think I have found my true passion and purpose within this position. I am also a Volunteer at PMI Bulgaria Chapter. The IT industry crossed my way in 2007 and really sparked my ambition to become part of the big developing companies (HP) and the global digital transformation. And the years of experience and many recommendations of the company lead me to Do IT Wise, where I work as a Project Manager for the past 2 years.   

Gergana Trifonova with Q1 Warrior Award

2. My role at Do IT Wise

Communication, communication, communication. With our teams and with the clients. You have to be really flexible and understanding. You have to use a specific language for the case – when you talk to colleagues you are technically focused, but when you talk to the client you need to keep in mind, they are business people and to explain everything in a proper manner. And this makes my job so interesting and challenging all the time. This dynamic workflow with changing technologies, ways of working, and new people are keeping me so invested for 13 years and hopefully for the next at least 10 years. 

3. Why Do IT Wise

I wanted to get out of the big corporate world and to join one young and ambitious team with who to grow together. Here I have the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas, innovate and create a legacy, without all of the strict procedures and restrictions of the big international companies. But the most important aspect in Do IT Wise is the people. I know it sounds cliched but in reality, you spend most of the time in the office with your colleagues and if you really are a team, then work becomes a pleasure. I can easily go and chat or share ideas and opinions with everyone in the company, including the management, without any worries.

4. My favorite moment in Do IT Wise

Some of my favorite moments are when we support different social causes and give back to the community. Also of course I love the team-building initiatives, business trips, and just every time we spend together as a team. 

Gergana Trifonova running a 20 km marathon

5. My hobbies

I love to take my time and just enjoy the moment. I find this feeling mostly in mountain hiking, running, and travelling. Obsessed with Italy, now I am planning to start to learn Italian as well. Huge sports fan, especially of tennis and Formula 1. Watching an F1 race live has become my favorite family tradition over the years. And as I like to joke – I can spend all my money on books.

6. My favorite book or movie

I am not really into movies, but I can share some of my favorite books – Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi, the classic Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy and A Man Called Ove by Frederik Backman. Historical books, novels about humanity and human relations are my preferred choices.

7. If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

Be part of a racing team in F1. Although the pilot is the face of the team, besides him there are a lot of exceptional mechanics and strategists and I want to experience the end-to-end process. 

Gergana Trifonova at Formula 1 race on a family trip

8. A word to the wise

Always stay positive. Even in a negative situation, learn your lesson and move on to the next wonderful thing in your life! 

Expect more of our colorful team members, their professional path and personal stories with “Meet the Wise Team”. You can read the story of Veselin Georgiev, one of our Lead Solution Consultants.

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