Meet the Wise Team – Chavdar Hristov

Meet Chavdar Hristov, Service Delivery Manager at Do IT Wise. Chavo’s very unusual path led him to his current job, combining all his passions and knowledge. 

His true talent is communication, and we can confidently say he is one of the most open-hearted members of the Do IT Wise team. You can often spot him travelling or enjoying a football game. 

I am…

Hello, my name is Chavdar Hristov. I am 38 years old, living in Sofia with my beautiful wife and two children. I started in the IT industry 12 years ago as a Business Processes Specialist in a software enterprise. Then my positions evolved in Account Lead for one of the processes and Project Manager responsible for implementing the same process for new clients. Then I joined the EMEA Startup team with more projects and back-office processes involved. With all of that fantastic experience, I started to look for new opportunities and challenges that led me to join Do IT Wise. 

I have quite a different path beforehand with my education, but I believe it is what makes me successful in my job now. In high school, I studied customs commission, followed by Bachelor in Culturology at Sofia University. It gave me so much – from general knowledge to soft skills. At that time, I was working in a photo studio where I developed my passion for photography and design and decided to open my own print shop with my former boss. After that, I made another switch to advertising and started working for one of the famous magazines in Bulgaria. Now mix that with the mandatory military training I had, and here I am – curious, disciplined, and constantly seeking new challenges. 

My role in Do IT Wise 

In Do IT Wise, I started as a Project Manager for three years. Then, with the company’s expansion and needed structural changes, I accepted a new challenge – the role of Service Delivery Manager. 

In essence, the Service Delivery Manager plays a vital role in boosting the user experience by ensuring the smooth delivery of top-notch services that meet and exceed customer demands. My job is to assess the new business opportunities, communicate with the Consulting, Project Managers and team members regarding timing and needed people for the project and manage the entire process. 

Why Do IT Wise? 

Once I got the entrepreneurial spark in me, I was seeking a young company where I could help with building the foundation and the company’s future development. And I found just that in Do IT Wise. Even on my initial interview, I just felt we shared the same mindset and values with the people working here, and the decision came easily for both sides. And that is how I became the first Project Manager in the company. And the rest is history. 

What I love about Do IT Wise? 

Open and honest communication, mutual respect and aligned goals – the key components that make one team great. And these are the same pillars in the culture of Do IT Wise. I love how everyone has the same opportunity to share thoughts and ideas at every level of the organization and feel valued. We often joke that we are one big happy family, rather than just teammates. 

My favorite moment in Do IT Wise 

I have so many good memories, but the “firsts” you never forget: 

  • For example, my first day in the office, when we assembled furniture. 
  • My first meeting with Veso entering the office with a huge smile and shouting “GOOD MORNING PEOPLE” like he owned the place. I quickly learned why he is the “soul of the office”. You can read more about him here
  • First team building I attended, when we were canoeing on Struma river. 
  • My first project, successful kick-off and business trip in Croatia for a big Telco company. 
Chavdar Hristov on business trip

My most significant achievement 

I have to say my two beautiful children are what I am most proud of in my personal life. Workwise, we are constantly growing, expanding the team, and taking on more extensive and complex projects. It is great to see how your hard work is paying off, and the company gets more and more recognizable. That is the most significant achievement.

My hobbies 

Football has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I love watching and playing it, and back in the days, I was training professionally in PFC Levski Sofia. When I was a child, I collected pictures of football teams from a local newspaper called “Start” and kept a journal with information about the clubs. Another quite strange hobby is that I sort and order stuff by colors, shapes, sizes, especially when it comes to home interior.  

Favorite book or movie 

One book I always recommend is “Turn the ship around” by L. David Marquet. A real-life story about the timeless principles of empowering leadership, some of them we include in our company culture. I am also a huge fan of “A Man Called Ove” by Frederik Backman and “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez. Both focus on human relationships, our personal decisions, the importance of love and the sacrifices worth making. 

My future

In ten years, I see myself owning a small guest house where I can do what I love the most – communicating with people and making them happy. 

Famous people I would like to meet

My main interest is in the mindset of really successful people. My first choice would be one of the great discoverers that changed the course of history – Aristotle, Galileo Galilei or Leonardo Da Vinci. From modern times I’d love to meet the actress Alicia Vikander and learn how different is the real person from the onscreen characters and Christiano Ronaldo, who is a pure example of determination and discipline. 

My favorite destinations

Travelling is another passion of mine, and I don’t think there is a place I am not willing to see. I dream of Costa Rica – the perfect mix of extremes with untouched nature, wildlife and modern lifestyle. And it may sound cliche, but my favorite place is my home country Bulgaria. With all of the diversity of the regions, you always have something to explore. 

Chavdar Hristov on vacation

If I have another life, I would…

Imagining I was born in the late 60s in the United States, I would live in the big city pursuing an acting career and probably become the next Agent 007. 

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