Do IT Wise spin-offs its integration product business as a new independent company called ZigiWave

SOFIA, BULGARIA – 13 February 2019

Do IT Wise, a privately held company specializing in providing digital transformation services and solutions, announced today the spin-off of its integration product business, known on the market as Do IT Wise Integration Hub, into a new company, called ZigiWave.

“With today’s announcement, we believe we are taking the right step to further strengthen our focus and continue to provide the right solutions to our partners and customers, so they can be successful in today’s digital economy”, Idan Harel, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Do IT Wise and co-founder of ZigiWave said.

Do IT Wise will continue to empower the success of its customers on their digital transformation journeys, by providing world-class consulting, integration and implementation services, focusing on areas such as DevOps, Enterprise Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Service Management, Customer Service Management, Application Performance Management, Hybrid Cloud Management, which enable enterprises to deliver or consume services with high efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“Do IT Wise has always been driven by customer success. With the tremendous growth we see in our digital transformation practice, we realized the need to refine our focus to deliver even more value to our customers”, Marin Marinov, Chief Sales & Services Officer of Do IT Wise, commented. “The spin-off enables us to further accelerate our service capabilities and strengthen our partnerships while remaining laser focus on our customer success”.

ZigiWave will take on current Do IT Wise Integration Hub platform business and accelerate the breadth and depth of supported portfolio of integration scenarios and enterprise software solutions. ZigiWave makes complex integrations easy, by providing highly scalable, easy to configure integration layer, allowing enterprise organizations to share relevant data seamlessly between their management systems.

“Led by great ideas of innovation, we have always been focused on delivering excellent products and support to our customers. With the completion of the spin-off, ZigiWave will become a software focus company, purpose-built to compete and win in today’s market of business process integrations. The new company will broaden its echo system and technology partnership with additional vendors to strengthen our portfolio and end-to-end integration solutions”, said Nikolay Patrikov, Managing Director of ZigiWave.

Immediately following this spin-off announcement Do IT Wise and ZigiWave operate as two independent entities, where neither Do IT Wise, or ZigiWave own any portion of the other company or takes part in any decisions taken respectively.

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