New features in our Cherwell connector - Do It Wise

The Do IT Wise Integration Hub for Cherwell exists for more than 1 year now, attracting the attention of numerous customers already.

Its main purpose is to turn data from various sources (HPE Ops Bridge, JIRA, ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, etc.) into Cherwell incidents. The key features of the connector are:

  • Bi-directional data synchronization (CLIP)
  • User configurable attribute mapping
  • Data transformation
  • Conditional operations

Now, we are glad to introduce 2 brand new features that extend the existing capabilities – CMDB synchronization and Change management!

CMDB Synchronization

The CMDB is a fundamental part of every organization, storing data for their assets, infrastructure and business services. There are several ways of populating it:

  • Manually
  • By discovery
  • By integrations

The Do IT Wise Integration hub for Cherwell now enables you to insert all your CIs from 3rd party software (HPE Ops Bridge, ServiceNow and more) to the Cherwell CMDB. And it happens without any additional coding or complex configurations that are typical for most of the CMDB-to-CMDB integrations. Everything is done in a few simple steps.

We even provide a plug and play configuration that can be used for an immediate start!

The Integration Hub combines the simplicity with flexibility in the attribute mapping that allows our connector to fit in highly customized environments.

A picture of a CI and its attributes in the HPE Ops Bridge RTSM:

And this is how it looks after it has been inserted in the Cherwell CMDB:

Change Management

Along with the CMDB synchronization, another important feature has been released – the changes synchronization between Cherwell and other 3rd party products (HPE Ops Bridge, ServiceNow and more).

Through the configuration process, the customers can define criteria describing which changes to initiate a new downtime event in HPE Ops Bridge or the change sync with other tools. Similar to the CMDB synchronization, there are options for attribute and action mapping making the integration easily adjustable to any environment.

A new change in Cherwell:

A downtime event triggered by this change in HPE Ops Bridge:

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