CA APM Connector for ServiceNow - A Technical Review

The CA APM Connector for ServiceNow is the latest connector that was published to the ServiceNow Store (link) by Do IT Wise. It has been created and certified according to the ServiceNow R&D requirements and best practices for the Event Management connectors.

By using this connector, you can improve the visibility and the impact analysis of your applications – not only based on the ServiceNow discovery, but also on the real-time status of each of the application components!

Operation flow

After the connector is defined in the ServiceNow platform, it starts polling the data from the CA APM system based on the specified polling interval. The collected data is being processed and inserted as new events with the appropriate mandatory and additional attributes that can be later used for making the alerts/incidents more valuable or for drill-down to the CA APM product.

All these operations happen on the MID server which is the certified and most secure way to deliver data to ServiceNow.


The connector configuration is quite simple and straight-forward. You just need to define a few parameters and that’s it!

And everything is described in the documentation provided when you purchase the connector!

Collection and features

Once an alert is collected from CA APM, it is transformed into an event which is then available in the Event section of the Event Management module or the Events section of the connector app where you can see only the events generated by the integration.

As any other event coming from other data source, the CA APM events have Source, Node, Type, Message Key, Severity and some additional attributes.

When the events are successfully inserted in the system, they can trigger alerts according to the existing alert rules or to new ones, specially designed for the integration.

The connector comes with 3 alert rules that allow direct drill-down from the Quick Response menu in the ServiceNow UI:

  • Drill-down to CA APM Agent Dashboard
  • Drill-down to CA APM Alert Dashboard
  • Drill-down to CA APM Management Dashboard

Just by a single click, you are forwarded to the needed dashboard in the CA APM tool saving a lot of time!

For more information, please contact us at or visit our connector page in the ServiceNow store by clicking here.

Coming soon – CA UIM and CA Spectrum connectors for ServiceNow.