Bitbucket: Extend the ServiceNow Agile Development for only $20 per month - Do It Wise

In the IT when someone says DevOps, the first things that come to mind are Atlassian and their product portfolio – JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence, Trello and many more …

But the ServiceNow Agile Development module is quickly gathering speed in the DevOps world. In terms of features, ServiceNow covers most of what Atlassian can offer, but some things are still missing like enough options for code collaboration, for example. Together with that, many of the developers refuse to migrate to new tools and stick to what they used in the past years – Bitbucket.

To enable such a scenario where ServiceNow and Bitbucket are both utilized and everybody is happy, we developed our integration between these them.

It is certified and you can find it in the ServiceNow Store (here).

The Integration

The main feature of the Bitbucket Connector for ServiceNow is to automate the task updates and as a result to save time to the developers. Instead of opening the ServiceNow UI and updating the task every time there is a new commit, just a single comment will do the job.

From functionality perspective, our integration is very similar to the Atlassian Smart Commits.

No matter if you use the UI or the command line for committing the code, you can always update your task notes or state based on user-configurable mapping for each of the keywords.

After a very quick and easy configuration process (as shown below), the integration is enabled.

When it is set up, every comment which contains the defined keywords and the task number will update the task accordingly (as can be seen below).

Adding work notes to the task:


Changing the state of a task:


Make sure you don’t miss the release of version 2 of the connector which is coming very soon! It will contain lots of new features to make the integration even better!

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