#10 tools to be considered for your company operation in 2019

In this article, we put in together 10 essential tools and 4 companies that will help you solve major operational issues within your business.

In the last decade, digital transformation became one of the most used buzzwords in the business. Large corporations like Microsoft, HP, ServiceNow, IBM, Atlassian, Micro Focus, SalesForce and others are focused on changing their way in operations so they can improve and deliver great customer experience and value.

Digital transformation can be defined differently for different type of businesses but in short terms, digital transformation is the integration of different digital products and technology into all areas of a business. Small to large companies are facing similar issues but because of their size of operation differences, they use different digital tools and technologies to solve their problems. One of the most common issues nowadays is to make all different tools work together or simply integrate them so they can collaborate in full synchronization.

1. ServiceNow

In the last couple of years, ServiceNow became a huge player in the international market by providing great service management software and services. They have developed stunning platform that covers several areas of the business such as IT, Security, Customer Service, HR, and others.

IT Service Management

In the same time, the capabilities are scalable to your business and they can grow as your business grow. The ITSM of ServiceNow groups different key applications such are: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change and Release Management, Request Management, Virtual Agent, Agent Intelligence, Performance Analytics, Walk-up Experience, Knowledge Management, Asset and Cost Management, Reports and Dashboards, Service Level Management, Configuration Management, Benchmarks, Surveys and Assessments, and Continual Improvement Management.

ServiceNow IT Service Management outstands from the others with the complex solving of issues in ITSM. With ITSM of ServiceNow, you will be able to deliver better services to your users and increase productivity through your enterprise.

IT Operation Management

IT operations and management optimization are commonly faced issues within large enterprises. We believe the ITOM of ServiceNow solves the bigger part of it and can make your team work efficiently, manage service health, optimize service delivery and spend for your business.

The applications set will impress you with their Service Mapping, Event Management, Operational Intelligence, Cloud Management, and Orchestration.

IT Business Management

In the other side, we should not forget about to run the IT like a business. With ITBM of ServiceNow, you can drive a strategic portfolio planning and execution, align work to priorities, redirect application spend and accelerate time to value.

ServiceNow ITBM can scale your business to the next level with great Application Portfolio Management, Demand Management, Resource Management, Financial Planning, Project Portfolio Management, Agile Development, Test Management, Financial Modeling, and Financial Charging.

HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow HRSD provides personalized HR Services and helps you eliminate frustration, improve service experience and employee satisfaction within your company.

Since we use it within our company, we believe the capabilities are pretty much amazing with their Case and Knowledge Management, Employee Service Center, Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions, Employee Document Management, and Performance Analytics for HR Service Delivery

2. Jira by Atlassian

Jira Software

They claim that they are #1 software development tool used by agile teams and we totally agree with them. That’s why we also use them in our daily work and provide integration services for Jira.

Definitely, Jira Software is one of a kind and one of the best project management tools for agile teams. They have a great set of features such as customizable Scrum boards, flexible Kanban boards, and real-time actionable insights and Agile reporting.

You can also create custom filters using Jira Query Language, integrate with developer tools, and create customizable workflows that adapt to your style of work. One of the good things about using Jira Software is that you are able to extend Jira efficiently with more than 3,000 apps and use them on mobile devices from anywhere with Jira Mobile.

One of the greatest things about Jira is that you can use it even if you are small, medium or big enterprise with $7 starting price and grows as your company grows.

3. Micro Focus

Definitely, we have to mention that Micro Focus is one of the biggest leading software and innovation companies in the world and our partner as well. With a focus of helping customers to cross the bridge from the old to the new, they have created one of the best solutions in Hybrid IT Management, Enterprise DevOps, Security, Risk and Governance and Predictive Analytics.

Hybrid IT Management

Hybrid IT Management helps you in bridging traditional and transformational IT services from mainframe to mobile, from corporate to cloud. Micro Focus build a great solution for Operations Management, Multi-Cloud Management and Migration, Enterprise and IT Service Management, Risk and Compliance Management and others to help you accelerate delivery, increase IT efficiency and support your digital innovation.

Enterprise DevOps

With Enterprise DevOps by Micro Focus, you will be able quickly to bring innovative ideas to life for the needs of your business. We believe that you will be able to reduce operational frictions, boost business confidence and deliver better outcomes with the DevOps solutions that they have built. By trusting Micro Focus Enterprise DevOps, you will be able to optimize value streams, shift to continuous quality and security, accelerate applications delivery, increase service reliability and modernize core business systems.

Security, Risk, and Governance

Security issues in a large enterprise are growing every day and solving them can take you a large portion of your time. Here Micro Focus put in place a great technology in one place to solve major security, risk, and governance issues.

Their analytics-driven approach to securing identities, applications and data help you protect your business with solutions like breach defense, seamless App security, privacy, compliance, and governance developed by Micro Focus.

4. Do IT Wise Integration Hub

We are really proud to mention our own product that solves the most complex issue nowadays. Integration and collaboration between different tools and products in small to a large enterprise are much more difficult than ever before because as complex one product is, as complex the integrations become.

Do IT Wise Integration Hub is a single platform that unifies all data sources, detects & creates links between the different tools and their objects which provides visibility on the end-to-end solution in the organization and works on full automation.

One of the greatest things that makes our Integration Hub so unique – it’s very customizable and handles the most complex processes for the large enterprise like no one else does on the market.

There are also many other companies that are building innovation and providing great digital transformational, integration and implementation services out there, but we will cover them in our next post.

In the meantime, you can leave a comment below with your question and we will be more than happy to answer.